Underground vibes at MFW Menswear

Keeping it fresh! This year’s Garage Menswear show took us under the Town Hall at Melbourne Fashion Week. The rustic venue gave way for an edgy showcase of the new season looks. Keeping with the diversity theme of this year’s event there were several female models rockin’ the clothing on the runway and hey this makes sense as I’ve had plenty of my girlfriends raid my wardrobe!

Let’s talk trends. The bum bag is having a moment and it’s certainly a handy accessory for us mobile phone lovers. No hanging onto a bag means those hands are free to organise that next Tinder date on the run. But with the bum bag, do not wear around the waist, wear it on the diagonal across the chest and you’ll be on point. Military hardware made for masculine details and I’ll be trying out this one myself. Also, it looks like the cool mix of a suit teamed with sneakers is here to stay, as it just looks so goddam stylish and I’m sure we can all agree is really comfortable.

Let’s take a look at the action…

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AMXANDER: www.amxander.com

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Aquila: www.aquila.com.au

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Autonomy: www.autonomyonline.com.au

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Chris Ran Lin: www.chrisranlin.com

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Dom Bagnato: www.dombagnato.com.au

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Jack London: www.shop.jacklondon.com.au

Images in the body of post by Timothy Treasure Photography

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