Killer Lineup: GQ Menswear Fashion Runway

M.J. Bale set to rock the runway on Friday night!

By Laura Rushworth

It’s all about the BOYS! The GQ Menswear Fashion Runway has a killer designer lineup ready to rock the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival on Friday 17 March 2017. This runway will showcase a range of menswear that is set to impress including labels; Dom Bagnato, M.J. Bale, Arthur Galan AG, Calibre, Aquila AMXANDER, Jack London and Autonomy.

Aquila stepping up the style game!

M.J. Bale will feature their 2017 Autumn collection, presenting their vision by correlating the past with the present, drawing inspiration from an era of hardship regarded as the ‘Golden Age of Elegance’ the 1930’s, mixed with the modern chic style of today.

Calibre is a pioneer in Australia’s fashion landscape and will bring impeccable style and taste to the Runway displaying the perfect autumn look for the perfect gentlemen.

Jack London will be delivering their winter collection.

Jack London will be showcasing their signature looks inspired by the British and European Mod Rocker scene of the 1960’s, with their classic tailoring being a synonymous element to the brand.

This evolutionary Fashion Runway will be the largest menswear designer line-up yet,with the freshest looks and trends to be shown off to the public eye. This night is also a celebration for the designers that will take you on a journey of suave fashion created to suit all occasions.

Cutting edge style by Calibre.

Followed by the GQ Menswear After Party at Spice Market, this is a night for the style seekers.

Purchase tickets here:

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