New Skin Care Alert!

Fitness & Lifestyle Expert Paul Williams who is a fan of the Men’s Botanics skin care range!

We chat to Lifestyle & Fitness Expert Paul Williams to uncover his top fitness tips and why he is loving the newly launched Men’s Botanics skin care range!


Q. Tell us about why you enjoy working in the fitness industry and how you like to keep fit?

A: I’m fortunate to be one of the lucky ones who have flexible working vs leisure hours that allow me to be creative with my daily exercise regime.  I get very bored with routine so I’m always looking for new challenges with my fitness, where I can switch between training indoors or outdoors and the time of the day I choose to train. Keeping it new and fresh is my important key to staying motivated!  The fitness industry really represents lifestyle to me as it has a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Q. You’re a fan of the Men’s Botanics skin care range – what do you like about their products?

A. They source the best local quality ingredients for their products. I really like the masculine look and feel of the range plus it’s all specially tailored for men!

The Men’s Botanics range includes; cleansers, scrubs, shaving creams and moisturisers.

Q. What is your favourite product and why?

A. Definitely the Ultra Lifting Eye serum! I really love the scent, freshness and soothing effect is gives instantly.

Q. What are your top tips for keeping fit and staying motivated?

A. It’s important to revise your goals and keep challenging yourself on a regular basis. One way to challenge yourself is to have mini-competitions with a gym partner or mates each week or monthly.  Also to mix up your exercise routines, this includes where you actually train, try going for an outdoor work out instead of hitting the gym for a change of pace. Outdoor training can create inspiration that you may find is lacking in the gym environment.

Q. List some of your favourite foods and cuisine you like to eat?

A. I allow 1 to 2 cheat meals per week which I’m ALWAYS looking forward to!  My favourite cheat meal is pizza by far. All kinds of seafood is a healthy favourite of mine.

Q. How do you enjoy to spend your downtime?

A. Doing as little as possible to be honest!  Training 6-7 days a week doesn’t allow for much downtime outside of working, catching up with friends and the general weekly routine stuff. So, the little time I get to myself, I’m happy just lounging around and watching TV or movies.

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