Pop-up Alert!

Ice-Cream Doughnuts & Craft Beer at The Strand Melbourne, 3 days only! I stopped by opening day to grab some snaps, have a little taste and chat to the people running the show.

150 litres of ice-cream is expected to be served up this weekend to eager foodies ready to get their hands on these beautiful delights. This has to be perfect timing as scorching hot weather is sweeping across the state.

The husband-wife duo behind The City Lane, Paul and Lauren Kristoff​ have put together this experience of doughnut ice-cream sandwiches and matched craft beers. They will make the toppings and ice-cream from scratch with the doughnuts freshly sourced from Big Lou’s in Fitzroy.

Chatting to Lauren, she says with European backgrounds their lives revolve around food, so it’s great with the pop-ups to share their passion.

“It will be a beautiful way to spend a nice summer day, enjoying the sunshine and chilling with friends,” she says.

Three flavours include; Peanut Butter and Crispy Dark Chocolate, Turkish Delight Cheesecake, and Orange and Cardamom. Matching craft beers have been selected from East Brunswick-based Temple Brewery including the New World Order American Stout, the Rye Hard IPA and the Bicycle Summer Ale.

Taste test: the ice-cream with its creamy texture had a delicious home-made taste and was a hit. Mixed with the topping and doughnut it made the perfect pre-Xmas indulging treat. I have to admit as it was early in the day and if I didn’t have afternoon meetings I would have loved to have washed it down with one of the craft beers as it would have brought a new twist to the overall experience – just another reason to go back over the weekend!

Open 10:30am to 10:30pm from Friday 18 December until Sunday 20 December, in a newly-created space at The Strand Melbourne on Driver Lane in the CBD.

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