Sleepwear to be seen in!

Melbourne sister act launch sleepwear brand pjMe!

Veena Raja and Mithra Firestone have high-profile careers as a lawyer and engineer, and now they’re pursuing their fashion design dream.

This designer duo have returned home from studying fashion in New York and released a gorgeous sleepwear label that oozes their own personalities, through vibrant colours and sophisticated original prints.

It echoes their vision of bringing a sense of elegance and comfort to the sleepwear world.

Let’s find out more!

Designer and sister duo Veena Raja (left) and Mithra Firestone (right).

Q. When did you first realise you wanted to start a fashion label and what were the next steps you took?
Veena. I knew I wanted to start my own label after attending a design course at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. My sister and I have complementary skill sets and an almost identical sense of style and appreciation for all things fashion-related. We also get along effortlessly and share the same creative dream, so setting up a business partnership was the next step. pjMe was a natural leap of faith for both of us! It was time to give our creative dreams a chance. So far it’s been an incredibly fun and rewarding journey that has been worth every risk.
Mithra. Since forever my sister and I talked about starting a fashion label together. But in school my strengths were in maths/sciences and as a result I became an engineer. So, after eight years working in that competitive corporate world – I was ready for a career change! I was working in Qatar, my sister was living in New York and she was to begin a course in fashion design. My reaction was to quit my job, join her in New York and do the course so we could begin the dream business we had talked about.

The gorgeous designs from pjMe.

Q. What do you love about fashion?
Veena. Fashion or style is an expression of your personality through clothing. I adore fashion; pretty little dresses and high heels are some of my favourite things.
Mithra. I love that fashion is unique to an individual. It reflects your inner personality as well as complementing your unique physical attributes. When you receive a compliment on your outfit it’s how the clothes complement you as an individual that make your look special.

Where do you draw your design inspiration from?
Veena. Our travels through Asia, Europe and the Middle East have inspired us with bright colours, edgy prints and versatile silhouettes.
Mithra. We love to travel! So we take inspiration from the colours of the environments that include; Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Q. What advice would you give to young people wanting to create their own brand?
Veena. Just do it! Seriously. Stop thinking about it and make it happen for yourself. This quote motivates me: “Build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs”.
Mithra. Stop dreaming and just do it.


Q. Do you think there is enough support out there for Australian designers?
Veena. Emerging designers always have difficulty breaking into the market and much of it comes down to who you know – be it fashion influencers, bloggers, retailers, media or marketing contacts.
Mithra. Breaking into any industry is always a challenge. Being an emerging designer, it always helps to have good contacts in the blogging, retail and media industries. I still think there could be more support for emerging designers in this regard.

Q. What is your vision for pjMe?
To transform the way women dress whilst relaxing.
Mithra. To transform the way women relax.

Q.  Tell us about your idea of a fun night out?
Veena. With good friends, good food and good music. Typically in some exotic city that deserves exploring.
Mithra. Good company, good wine, good music.

Q. How do you like to relax?
Veena. At home, in my pyjamas, with take-out for dinner and watching Netflix. It’s a true to life re-enactment of Bridget Jones.
Mithra. As above or in bed with a good book.


For more details!

Website/Online store:





Showroom launch!

It was a fabulous time at the Melbourne Watch Company showroom launch on Thursday 14 April. Host for the evening was top male model Sam Wines and guests were treated to Starward Whisky and canapes. Let’s take a look at how the night went down…

The showroom has a rustic feel with exposed wooden beams and black metal accents adding a nice masculine vibe. Nicely mixed with slick modern cabinets to present the timepiece collections.

I’ve been a fan of this brand since I first discovered their watches in 2016, what caught my eye is the fact they’re named after well-known Melbourne locations like Flinders St, Sorrento and Carlton to name a few. Plus, as you’ll see from the photos they’re stunning by design.

There is an interesting backstory, as it all began in 2013 when the brand was established via crowd funding to debut the first watch ‘The Flinders’ and due to the overwhelming response, it then spurred them on to expand with a wider range of designs.

On the night, we had a technician on hand to show us how the watches are pieced together – it’s such a delicate and intricate operation. It will be exciting to see what new releases are next!

The showroom is based in Carlton, book an appointment:

Shop the latest looks from the Melbourne Watch Company:

View more images from the night on my Facebook page:

Photography by Sam Cooke.

Trend Report: GQ Menswear Runway

The GQ Australia Fashion Runway. Image: Lucas Dawson Photography

By Laura Rushworth.

The style dial was set to thrill at the GQ Australia Menswear Runway on Friday 17 March.

Set in the majestic Royal Exhibition Building, it was a highlight show as part of the packed schedule for the 2017 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Let’s take a look at the key trends you’ll be wearing this autumn and winter.

Style: Jack London. Image: Lucas Dawson Photography

The event kicked off with a dark and broody rock soundtrack evoking a sense of power and mystery.

Taking the runway by storm, Jack London presented an edgy line of grungy leather jackets styled with tartan checkered suits and a collection of dark knits, creating a polished look for the guys.

Style: Dom Bagnato. Image: Lucas Dawson Photography

For the stylish gents, Dom Bagnato lived up to the hype and presented a vision of bold blue suits, illustrating his contemporary classic looks mixed with Italian style. This alluring line oozed charisma and stark sophistication, evident through his remarkable craftsmanship and tailoring.

Style: Calibre. Image: Lucas Dawson Photography

Calibre delivered a collection of their recognisable signature elements, incorporating new contemporary pieces in their Fall/Winter line. Calibre’s premium fashion looks included leather biker jackets, the perfect tailored pants, checkered knits and silver zipped bomber jackets, offering the highest quality casual garments, through to their exquisitely made sharp suits.

Style: Autonomy. Image: Lucas Dawson Photography

Autonomy exposed their quality, superior fits and abiding style on the GQ Runway. Drawing their inspiration from timeless apparel pieces that are everyday essentials for the “IT” man, who seeks durable and long lasting pieces he can treasure. Some of these looks included navy blue jeans styled with a dark knit and trendy bomber jacket for a virile edge.

Style: Arthur Galan AG. Photography: Lucas Dawson Photography

One designer that definitely spoke to the masses, was Arthur Galan’s collection that exuded directional street style and masculinity. His use of camo stood out with his new take of adding gold chunky zip detail on jackets and pants. The explicit skill and use of superior fabrics, definitely set him apart.


This show offered an intriguing vision on macho elegance, capturing viewers through cutting edge style and modern looks on the Runway. VAMFF wrapped up the shows end with an exciting strobe light effect display, exuding a strong finish to an efficacious evening.

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